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Protein Loading anyone?

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We’ve heard a lot about carbo loading for races but for people who want to lose weight… protein loading? Well, not really. It’s just that weight watches tend to stay away from carbs. There are popular diets like Southbeach and Atkin’s where they literally take out all the carbs and pack so much protein in the meal that some people I know actually had trouble with their kidneys after.

Today, I prepared my breakfast which consisted of a lot of protein. 4 pcs cinnamon french toast, smoked sausage and scrambled eggs. 


How to prepare


1 large egg (scrambled)
2 slices of medium sized whole wheat bread
1/2 tbsp milk (can be non-fat)
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp butter (or butter substitute)
smoked sausage

How to cook:

Whisk together the large egg, milk and salt. Then place the egg mixture onto a plate. Put slices  of the whole bread on the plate, allowing it to absorb the egg mixture. Wait 2-3 minutes then turn.

While allowing the bread to soak the egg mixture, preheat your non-stick pan on med-low heat and place one 1tsp of butter, making sure that the butter covers the pan evenly.

Before putting the soaked whole wheat bread slices, sprinkle it with ground cinnamon on top. Then place on the pan making sure the side with cinnamon is face down on the pan. Allow to cook for 2 minutes on one side, then before turning over, sprinkle the top again with ground cinnamon.

Sunfest 2009 – Celebration of Life

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Rayomar Outreach Foundation will hold a Fun Run on April 25, 2009 (Saturday) inside Ayala Alabang Village. This Fun Run will open Sunfest 2009, A Family Fun Day in Makiling Park of Ayala Alabang Village from 9am to 9pm.

This is a fundraising project of our foundation; proceeds of which will go directly to our children charities: Reach Youth Foundation, Mother Theresa Spinelli Orphanage in Tagaytay City, House of Light Children’s Foundation and Gawad Kalinga Smokey Mountain’s Education Project.


Men’s Health Miracle Run pictures

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Men's Health Miracle Run

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157616147158972″]

More pictures from the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 😀

A miracle happened today…

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This morning’s run was extremely hot. I think I overheated several times today. The race started at around 6:30am, to be able to accomodate the people who wanted to support the cause of this year’s run.

According to Men’s Health. It is by far the most atteneded race event of Men’s Health to date with over 1,200 runners. I’m happy for Tahananang Walang Hagdananan. They’ll be receiving P240,000 from today’s event.
More pictures and stories to come 🙂 A miracle did indeed happen today. 😀

Official Condura Race Results

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The Official Condura Race Results are now out. Visit the Condra Run Website

As for me…

Place / Bib Number / Name/ Age/ Time / Pace

1123 554 Eric Pasion 24 M 2:39:49 7:37

Whew… Proud of my first half marathon!

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My NIKE Sportband was accurate up until after 13km. It shows that I was running at a fairly constant pace until I hit my wall when I reached 13km… 16km is the farthest that I’ve actually run before. This being my first 21k… I wanted to enjoy the experience. Each and every painful, tiring, step of the way and all 2hrs 41minutes and 6 seconds of it. 

Congrats to everyone who ran! I’ll post pictures and more stories soon. Time for me to get some sleep…

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